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Effect of the Polymer Density on Nano Fiber Properties
Ahmed K. Al-Kadumi and Muhammid H. Al-Baghdadi

The present paper present a study on the influence of polymer density on fiber formation by different polymers when using the electro-hydro-dynamic (EHD) process. Parameters, such as the internal pressure, radius of fibers and the viscosity force were determined in function of the distance between electrodes. The studies were done for different polymer densities (0.481, 0.529, 0.609, 0.705, 0.9249) g/cm3. It was found that it is an important parameter influencing internal polymer pressure, diameter of produced nanofibers. The polymer density impacts also on the viscosity force. All these parameter: internal polymer pressure, radius of nanofibers depend on the distance between the electrodes.

Keywords: polymer nanofiber, polymer density, fiber radius, fiber internal pressure polymer, viscosity force

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