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Study of Surface Treatment of Polyester by Plasma Processing
D. I. Moubarak, M. A. Abd Al-Halim, A. Abu-Hashem and Y. Elbashar

The surface treatment of polystyrene and polyester using the DC Pseudo-glow Discharge is studied in this paper. The DC Pseudo-glow Discharge was systematically employed as a function of plasma device parameters under different operating conditions including different current (I) (15-50 mA), different time (t) (10-60 s), different distance (d) (1, 3 and 5 mm) between inter-electrodes, different mesh anode transparency (T) (19, 46 and 65%), distance between the polyester sample and the mesh anode (D) (2-12 mm) and different air pressure in plasma exposure system (P) (2-8 torr). The best optimization of these parameters were performed by the measurements and estimation of mechanical properties and water absorbency which were supported by the Infrared (IR) and Yellowness (color) tests.

Keywords: DC pseudo plasma discharge, polyester, surface treatment, plasma.

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