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Investigation of modulated signal transmission in optical fiber irradiated by gamma photons
Haider A. Kadhum, Mazin Ali A. Ali and Haitham M. Mikhlif

In this work, the effect of gamma radiation (-ray) on the optical fiber properties was investigated, this effect has been studied by modulating different frequencies (1-100) kHz on laser beam using amplitude shift key (ASK). Two types of optical fiber were utilized, single-mode (SM) and multimode (MM) optical fibers to be exposed to (Cs) as active source with low dose rate. The variation of received optical power (Pr), peak to peak voltage (V p.p), voltage gain (Av) and signal to noise ratio (SNR) were measured before and after irradiation. It was observed that improvement in the optical signal in SM optical fiber was more than in MM optical fiber.

Keywords: optical fibers, modulated signal transmission, gamma-ray, attenuation

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