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Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Cadmium Doped Sodium Zinc Phosphate Glass Matrix
Y.H. Elbashar, S.M. Hussien, Jamal Khaliel, M.A. Mohamed, A.E. Omran, R.A. Ibrahem, W. A. Rashidy, A.S. Abdel Rahaman, H.H. Hassan

Two different variations between Na2O powders and cadmium oxide contained in phosphate glass with a series of 40P2O5-34ZnO-(21-x) Na2O- 5CuO- xCdO molar ratio with (x = 1,2,3… to 6 %) were prepared by conventional quenching melts technique. FTIR transmission spectra have been carried out. The most active peaks were observed in the region 400 cm–1 to 4000 cm–1. FT-IR spectra were analyzed to determine and differentiate the various vibrational modes by applying a deconvolution method to the FT- IR spectra. The values of vibrational modes of FTIR spectra were found to vary with the CdO content in glasses. It increase breaks the P-O-P bonds and non-oxygen bridges (NBOs) are created.

Keywords: cadmium oxide, phosphate glass, FTIR spectra

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