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Sub-Poissonian Photon Statistics of a Pulsed-Driven Harmonic Oscillator
S.S. Hassan, O.M. Frege, H.M. Atalla and R.A. Alharbey

Sub-Poissonian photon statistics of emitted radiation by a laser pulsed driven non-dissipative harmonic oscillator (HO) is investigated analytically through Mandel’s QM parameter. Conditions for sub-Poissonian behaviour are derived for different initial states of the HO (namely, the number state |no, and single mode squeezed vacuum state |ξ〉, single mode squeezed coherent state |ξ, α〉, single mode squeezed thermal state of density operator ρ(ξ, n)) and for arbitrary pulse shape. Computational results are presented for two examples of pulse shapes (namely, the rectangular pulse and train of n-chirped Gaussian pulses). It is also shown that, the driven HO with initial coherent, number and SV states evolves in time to a corresponding state, respectively, but with the HO operators and the vaciim state are displaced -depending on the input pulse shape.

Keywords: Harmonic Oscillator, Rectangular and Chirped Gaussian Laser Pulses, Mandel QM Factor

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