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Kerr Lensing and Axial Phase Modulation of q-Gaussian Laser Beams in Parabolic Index Glass Fiber
Naveen Gupta

Theoretical study on nonlinear evolution of q-Gaussian laser beams in parabolic index glass fibers has been presented. The nonlinear response of the medium has been modeled by Kerr nonlinearity. The effect of saturation of nonlinearity in the index of refraction due to Pauli blocking effect has been incorporated through quintic nonlinearity. Also the effect of attenuation of the laser beam due to various scattering mechanisms has been investigated in detail. The formulation is based on solving the wave equation for the field of laser beam by using variational theory based on lagrangian formalism. Particularly the dynamical evolutions of beam width and axial phase of the laser beam with distance along the length of the fiber have been investigated in detail.

Keywords: parabolic index glass fibers, Kerr nonlinearity, light scattering, Pauli blocking effect

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