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Self-Focusing and Self Trapping of Cosh-Gaussian Laser Beam in Thermal Quantum Plasmas
Sandeep Kumar and Naveen Gupta

Optical self action effects (self focusing and self trapping) of Cosh Gaussian (ChG) laser beams in thermal quantum plasmas (TQPs) have been investigated theoretically. The mechanism for optical nonlinearity of plasma has been considered to be relativistic mass nonlinearity of plasma electrons in the field of laser beam. For the complete understanding of these effects a detailed description of self action effects of laser beams in nonlinear media also has been given. Following moment theory based on Hamiltonian formulation second order differential equation governing the evolution of laser beam through plasma for different laser and plasma parameters has been derived.

Keywords: Self-Focusing, Quantum Plasma, Cosh-Gaussian, Moment Theory

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