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ANFIS-based Link Stability Prediction for SCES-AOMDV Routing Protocol Under Random Waypoint Mobility
Boobalan J, Malleswaran M and Muthupriya V

The performance evaluation of the link stability of a dynamic multipath route is crucial while designing densely deployed Multipath Wireless Sensor Networks (MWSN). The efficient utilization of network resources decides the lifetime of the network. Various types of research were proposed to improve the lifetime of the network by achieving reduced energy consumption of nodes but very few were focussed on link stability. Existing Secure Cross-layer Energy Supplement Ad hoc On-demand Multipath Distance Vector (SCES-AOMDV) routing protocol achieves secure data communication across the protocol layer stack and prevents node failure due to energy depletion by energy supplementation. But link stability was not considered. In this paper, an ANFIS-based link stability prediction for SCES-AOMDV routing protocol under Random Way Point (RWP) mobility is proposed. The proposed model estimates the network performance and helps the routing protocol to manage the link failure that occurred due to mobility. Experiments are conducted with the SimPy framework considering the energy, hop count and delay as inputs and link stability as output. The responses are recorded to verify the proposed method under different network conditions. The ANFIS model is developed and it is trained and tested by MATLAB R2021a. The empirical results show that the proposed model predicts the link stability very close to the experimental results.

Keywords: ANFIS model, Link stability, SCES-AOMDV routing, random waypoint mobility