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Decentralized and Secured Framework for IoT using Blockchain Technology
Vidyashree L and Dr. Suresha

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed people’s lives by creating vast amounts of data. Traditional approaches in machine learning techniques are insufficient to access the control in IoT management on single-point failure. To solve this issue, a novel Decentralized and Secure Framework is proposed and an accredited access control scheme is introduced by integrating blockchain with local peers to record each transaction by checking the signature to access. Then, attribute-based cryptography through blockchain is provided to ensure data privacy on storage by defining threshold parameters, preserving keys, and removing users on the blockchain. Finally, a Smart contract-based DoS attack mitigation technique has been incorporated to prevent the server from overwhelming through effective validation of devices with smart contracts as trusted or untrusted. Thus, the proposed framework provides access control, maintains data privacy, and mitigates the cyber-attack.

Keywords: Access Control, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Cryptography, DoS attack, Data Privacy and IoT.