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Investigative Analysis of Vulnerabilities and Attacks on Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Jibran R. Khan, Shariq M. Khan and Farhan A. Siddiqui

Underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) have gained global attention in recent years due to their numerous applications and the vast amount of the world’s surface area covered by water. However, the security of UWSNs is a critical concern in order to protect the advantages of this technology and its various applications. This paper presents an investigative study and simulations using ns-3 and aquasim-ng to identify the factors that challenge the security of UWSNs and their applications. The study explores the UWSN architecture, vulnerabilities, and potential attacks, as well as various scenarios including normal, limited, and special conditions. The results of the study and simulations are analyzed to determine the factors that contribute to the security challenges faced by UWSNs. Finally, the paper concludes with a discussion of the factors or components that can assist in overcoming these security challenges and the need to address and consider them in future work. This research aims to provide a deeper understanding of the security issues facing UWSNs and to identify potential solutions for addressing these challenges. Finally, the research concludes with recommendations for addressing and overcoming the challenges to UWSN security in the future.

Keywords: UWSN, Underwater WSN, Security, Analysis, DoS Attack, ns3, aquasim-ng