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Data Security and Key Management in Wireless Sensor Network via Improved Blowfish Cryptographic Model
Ezhil Roja P and Misbha D S

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) contain smaller sensor nodes (SNs) with constrained computation, memory and energy abilities. Since SNs are frequently used in unsupervised and hostile environments, they are vulnerable to adversarial node capture and collusion attacks. To safeguard the complete network, cryptographic schemes are essential in WSN. It facilitates that SNs can interact with one another securely. This work introduces a new data security and key management model for WSN applications. In this model, optimal Cluster Head (CH) selection is the initial phase, which is been carried out using the factors like trust, distance, energy, and link quality. For this selection of CH, a novel Self Customized DMO (SC-DMO) is introduced in this work. Further, data aggregation is done and data fragmentation is performed using Fuzzy C Means (FCM) model. Finally, an improved blowfish algorithm is exploited for encrypting the data and key management. The results attained prove the efficacy of the SC-DMO-based model for data security in WSN by validating the existing models.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensor Nodes, Cluster Head, Fuzzy C means, SC-DMO Algorithm