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Secure Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
Pedro Brandao, Susana Sargento, Sergio Crisostomo and Rui Prior

Ad Hoc networks dramatically increase the network security concerns. This paper presents a security protocol for ad hoc networks, denoted AD hoc Secure Routing (ADSER), that copes with the majority of the security issues raised by the incremental deployment of ad hoc networks. This protocol copes with message integrity and signing, encryption of information and key distribution, with a low computational complexity in the majority of tasks performed. ADSER takes as a baseline some current security protocols and addresses the secure routing concerns of both source routing and reactive next hop protocols. This protocol is able to mitigate eavesdropping through the encryption of data, identity problems through signatures, trust issues through prevention of wrong route advertisements, and replays through sequence number and unique values generation.

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