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Efficient Data Retrieving in Distributed Data-streaming Environments
Jinsong Han, Jun Miao, Jizhong Zhao, Jinpeng Huai and Lionel M. Ni

In Automobile Tracking Systems (ATS), automobile location data is continuously generated and kept in a distributed manner. As a large amount of traffic is incurred during the search process, it is critical to construct an efficient overlay multicast structure for the ATS so as to evenly distribute traffic to all physical links, as well as balance the load among group members. In this paper, we propose a distributed protocol, MMT, in which end hosts self-organize into multiple multicast trees.We evaluate the performance of MMT with comprehensive simulations. Experimental results show that MMT outperforms existing approaches in load balance, and from the network and application perspectives its performance penalties are low.

Keywords: Automobile tracking system, overlay multicast, load balance, multiple multicast tree (MMT) scheme.

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