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Multipath Routing for Video Streaming in Wireless Mesh Networks
Shancang Li, Xingheng Wang and Shanshan Zhao

The performance of low-latency video streaming with multipath routing over wireless mesh networks is studied (WMN). This paper presents a novel multipath routing video delivery scheme (MRVD) in which video takes multipath to reach its destination, thereby increasing the aggregate throughput. Based on proposed multipath routing scheme, a video scheduling algorithm is proposed, which achieves high bandwidth with low delay. In MRVD, the video traffic is divided into multiple segments before transmitted according to the path available bandwidth and path delay. MRVD optimizes the video schedule scheme according to the path delay; therefore video can be delivered onto multipath with more high efficiency. The validity of the routing scheme and video load balancing algorithm are verified by network simulations performed with different network load, latency and encoding structures.

Keywords: multipath, wireless mesh networks, load-balancing, video streaming networks.

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