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Directed Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks: Concept and Quality
Changqing Xu, Xiaole Bai, Lei Ding, Jin Teng, Sriram Chellappan and Dong Xuan

In this paper, we introduce Directed Coverage (D-Coverage for short), a new concept of coverage for wireless sensor networks. D-Coverage is the coverage provided by a sensor network monitoring an area between two boundaries through which an intruder attempts to penetrates the area. We also study how to measure the quality of D-Coverage. Our first measurement approach is a simple, projection-based one. Our second, more comprehensive approach is based on Markov chains. These approaches can accurately evaluate the quality of D-Coverage as well as provide sound guidelines for sensor network deployment and run-time repair to achieve desired D-Coverage quality.

Keywords: Directed Coverage, WSN, Intrusion Detection, Measurement, Projection, Markov Chain

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