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An Approach for Efficient Hybrid Reliable Transport in IEEE 802.15.4-based Wireless Sensor Network
Taeshik Shon and Hyo Hyun Choi

Reliable data transmission in a wireless sensor network is one of the most significant factors in order to guarantee dependable and efficient sensor data delivery. As wireless sensor network applications diversify and increase, the transmission reliability of sensor data is getting important more and more. In this paper, we propose an IMHRS (IEEE 802.15.4 MAC-based Hybrid hop-by-hop Reliability Scheme) employing an enhanced Hop-by-Hop reliability scheme, which uses hop-cache, hopack and adaptive link control which considers link status and packet type. Adaptive link control scheme considers an application type of a packet and a link status between originator and recipient to select optimized MAC transmission parameters. And then, the enhanced Hop-by-Hop reliability scheme uses node caching and one-hop acknowledgement schemes to provide an end-to-end reliability using adaptive hop-by-hop link control. In order to verify the proposed approach, we evaluated the IMHRS with two kinds of experimental tests such as NS2-based C code simulation and real H/W platform experiments with our own made sensor nodes and an implemented network stack. Compared with the IEEE 802.15.4 scheme, the experimental results with two verification scenarios showed that the proposed approach is much more robust and reliable in the large number of hops and highly error-prone situation.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, IEEE 802.15.4, Zig Bee, reliability, security

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