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MENs: Multi-user Emergency Navigation System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Xufei Mao, Shaojie Tang, Xiang-Yang Li and Ming Gu

We develop effective protocols based on wireless sensor networks, helping users to escape in case of emergencies. Assume that we are given a region in which a number of sensor nodes have been deployed. When some emergencies (like poison gas leaking) happen, we study how to efficiently evacuate all users to safe area (exits) based on the collected information from sensor networks. We assume the path map is known in prior. Based on novel prediction method, we present efficient and effective algorithms designing adaptive evacuation plans for every (group of) mobile user(s). We report on hardware experiments using a physical sensor network consisting of Mote sensors and test the performance of our protocols by running simulations on TOSSIM and Windows applications.

Keywords: Navigation, wireless sensor networks, multiple users, evacuation, monitoring, prediction.

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