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An Efficient Anonymous Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
In Tae Kim, Seong Oun Hwang and Seungwoon Kim

Previous identity-based broadcast encryption schemes have mainly focused on reducing the ciphertext and key size. These efforts have resulted in computation and/or storage overhead on a user’s side. Therefore, they are not suitable for wireless sensor networks which are very limited in computation capability, storage, and energy resources. In this paper, we propose an efficient, scalable identity-based broadcast encryption scheme suitable for sensor networks by significantly reducing both computation and storage overhead: all of the public key, private keys, and ciphertexts are of constant size. Furthermore, the proposed scheme is also efficient in communication overhead by removing the set of receivers from ciphertexts. This also enables the proposed scheme to protect the privacy of receivers’ identities.

Keywords: cryptography, identity-based encryption, identity-based broadcast encryption, sensor network.

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