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Performance Analysis of Arbitrary Multihop Ad Hoc Wireless Networks under Saturation Condition
Xijie Liu and Tarek N. Saadawi

This article proposes an innovative approach to determine the performance parameters of arbitrary IEEE 802.11 multihop wireless networks under saturation condition. This approach is based on a two-dimensional Markov chain model and is applied to various multihop network topology. In our approach, an individual node average channel busy probability is also introduced.

Numerical results show that the normalized capacity of each node in the loop networks is independent of the network size and equal to 0.2321 for basic access mode and 0.4966 for RTS/CTS access mode. The node capacity in the string networks has a symmetry with highest capacities at the two ends of the string network. Numerical results also show that the capacities of nodes close to the center (middle nodes) in a string network equal to the capacity of the loop networks. We also determine the capacities for the branching nodes as well as leaf nodes in a tree-type wireless network. Clearly the approach can be applied to any given IEEE 802.11 multihop wireless network. Simulations results, gained from OPNET, show that they match their respected analytical results well.

Keywords: Multihop wireless network, IEEE 802.11, Markov chain, throughput, saturation traffic

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