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Asymmetric Analytical Model for MAC Layer in Unsaturated Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Liying Xie and Gang Wei

This paper introduces AMUWN (Asymmetric Model for Unsaturated Wireless Networks), a MAC layer analytical model for the general condition of unsaturated wireless ad hoc networks. The model is based on the G/G/1 queuing theory. AMUWN can be used to evaluate delay, delay jitter, throughput and packets drop probability at the MAC layer of unsaturated multi-hop ad hoc networks. The model can be used to determine the number of nodes that can be accommodated in an ad hoc network and the Quality of Service (QoS) the network can support. Specifically, the paper analyzes the delay, delay jitter, throughput and packet drop probability in unsaturated multi-hop ad hoc networks that utilize IEEE 802.11e EDCA as a QoS-supported MAC layer protocol.

Keywords: Ad hoc; throughput; packet drop probability; delay; jitter; IEEE 802.11e EDCA

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