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Performance Evaluation of Pre-authenticated Handover across Gateways in Vehicular Networks
Juan A. Martinez and Pedro M. Ruiz

The emerging research area of vehicular networks has attracted the interest of car manufacturers as well as public authorities and service providers. Connecting a vehicle to the Internet through several elements deployed along the roads like road side units (RSUs) or access points is one of the most promising scenarios. However, it requires the creation of efficient authentication solutions to allow only authorized users to gain access to certain resources including network connectivity. The authentication process is costly in terms of overhead and authentication delay. In the particular case of VANETs, it means lower throughput due to missing communication opportunities. For this reason, our purpose in this paper is to analyze the impact of a pre-authentication scheme in VANET environments, measuring its performance under inter-urban and urban scenarios and comparing it with the traditional scheme. Our simulations show that pre-authentication can reduce end-to-end delay and increase the overall packet delivery ratio.

Keywords: access control, vehicular networks,VANET, security, mobility, authentication

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