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MNPP: Mobile Network Prefix Provisioning for Enabling Route Optimization in Geographic Vehicular Networks
Jong-Hyouk Lee, Manabu Tsukada and Thierry Ernst

Recent advances in the development of wireless vehicular networks have become a cornerstone of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Vehicles support network mobility (NEMO) can establish IPv6 data communications. However, due to characteristics of NEMO, data packets destined for equipments in an in-vehicle network of a vehicle are not optimally transmitted to the vehicle equipments, e.g., arising of sub-optimal routing. In this paper, we introduce a mechanism for route optimization (RO) developed as part of the GeoNet project. The mechanism named as Mobile Network Prefix Provisioning (MNPP) enables a vehicle to provision its mobile network prefix (MNP) assigned to its equipments to neighbor vehicles so that the neighbor vehicles are able to send data packets directly to the equipments of the vehicle. Thanks to the direct communication between two vehicles, the packet delivery cost is significantly minimized.

Keywords: RO, NEMO, Geonetworking, GeoNet, ITS

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