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Sensing Fault Tolerance by Quartile and Outlier Method in Multi-Hops Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks
Chiu-Ching Tuan, Yi-Chao Wu, Wei-Shiou Chang And Wen-Tzeng Huang

In the multi-hops routing protocols of wireless sensor and actor networks, WSANs, designing a fault tolerance mechanism is still an important issue, since sensors and communication links are prone to fail over time. However, most of researches concentrated on communication link fault tolerance but ignored sensing fault tolerance. Actors thus may take incorrect actions according to fault data items forwarded by multi-hops over WSANs. To address this issue, we proposed the sensing fault tolerance by quartile and outlier method (SFTQOM). SFTQOM could estimate the range of correct sensed data and eliminate the fault sensor nodes in advance. SFTQOM thus promoted the detected rate of correct data, Rd, and the detected accuracy of correct data, Ra. Simulation results indicated that SFTQOM increased more 40% of Rd and 30% of Ra higher than AFTM averagely. Moreover, Rd and Ra of SFTQOM increased gradually as the times of running fault tolerance increased.

Keywords: Multi-hops routing protocol, wireless sensor and actor networks, communication link fault tolerance, sensing fault tolerance, quartile and outlier method.

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