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Adaptive Ad-hoc Network Routing Scheme by Using Incentive-based Model
Sungwook Kim

Recently, mobile ad-hoc networks have received much attention on account of the proliferation of mobile devices and their potential applications. In ad-hoc networks, node cooperation can play a significant role in determining the network performance. However, methods for stimulating cooperation among nodes have not been investigated sufficiently. In this paper, a new routing scheme is proposed for wireless ad-hoc networks. When the proposed incentive-based model is used, nodes can cooperate with each other for a global goal. To maximize implementation practicality, the proposed scheme is designed in an entirely distributed and online manner. A simulation shows that the proposed scheme can approximate an optimized solution while ensuring a well-balanced network performance under widely different network environments.

Keywords: Ad-hoc networks, Incentive-based model, Energy efficiency, On-line decisions, Bandwidth reservation, QoS

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