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An MSE Based Antenna Selection Scheme for MIMO Systems
Xuan Nam Tran, Tranh Tam Bui and Tadashi Fujino

This paper presents an effective antenna selection scheme for multiple input multiple output spatial division multiplexing (MIMO-SDM) systems. The scheme uses the mean square error (MSE) as the criterion for selecting the best subset of transmit/receive antennas to improve the system error performance. Compared with the previous channel matrix norm based and signal to noise ratio (SNR) based selection algorithms, the proposed algorithm allows for achieving lower bit error rate (BER) for MIMO-SDM systems with linear detectors. In particular, compared with the SNR based algorithm, the proposed algorithm provides double diversity gain in MIMO systems with receive antenna selection and the same diversity order but about 1dB SNR gain with transmit antenna selection. The algorithm also has advantage in implementation as it can be conveniently employed at either receiver or transmitter but still allows the achievement of the same BER performance.

Keywords: MIMO, antenna selection, MSE, signal detection, linear detector

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