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An Anonymous Password-Authenticated and Key Exchange Protocol for Roaming Services in Wireless Networks
Wenmin Li, Qiaoyan Wen, Qi Su, Zhengping Jin and Yanjiong Wang

Due to the convenient capability of roaming, wireless communication has been widely used in our life with no limits of geography and space. To achieve privacy and authentication simultaneously, many anonymous authentication and key exchange protocols have been proposed for roaming services. In this paper, we propose an efficient and secure password authenticated and key exchange protocol. Our proposal provides user anonymity and untraceability, confidentiality and fairness of session key, mutual authentication between parties and perfect forward secrecy while preventing conventional attacks. Besides, it reduces the computation cost and communication load for parties, especially the home agent, which suffices to the requirements of multiple services request concurrently. Compared with related protocols, it is more suitable and practical for roaming services in wireless environments.

Keywords: anonymity, untraceability, authentication, key exchange, roaming services, password, security

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