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Blind Speed Alleviation Using A Radar Sensor Network (RSN)
Jing Liang and Qilian Liang

Blind speed problem can turn out to be a catastrophe to moving target indication techniques as it will cause the miss detection of some desired moving targets. In this paper, we propose an orthogonal waveform design and equal gain combination algorithm in a Radar Sensor Network (RSN) that tremendously alleviates the blind speed problem. We also design a fuzzy logic system (FLS) to optimize the number of radars in RSN. Carrier frequency, pulse repetition interval (PRI) and available bandwidth are used as antecedents in the FLS. Simulation results show that our FLS-based RSN can balance the number of radars and QoS in terms of probability of miss detection (PMD). It has also been observed that the FLS-based RSN can achieve somehow constant PMD even with different system configuration (e.g., PRI etc.).

Keywords: Blind speed; radar sensor network; fuzzy logic system; probability of miss detection.

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