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Activated Swarm Fault Tolerance in Wireless Sensor Networks Under Massive Correlated Failure
Zhaofeng Li and Yichuan Jiang

The massive correlated failure is an intractable issue in random distributed wireless sensor networks (WSNs); thus it is very important to design an effective fault tolerance method. To handle this problem, we propose an activated swarm fault tolerance (ASFT) method and its extension e-ASFT to repair the interrupted multi-hop transmission link. The principles of our proposed method are labor division and collaboration, where different nodes play different roles and cooperate on transmitting replacement link task in the activated swarm area. The mathematical process of ASFT is described in the fashion with graph theory. The simulation results show that ASFT and e-ASFT can achieve high success ratio under massive correlated failure.

Keywords: Fault tolerance; swarm; wireless sensor networks; massive correlated failure.

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