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Joint Optimization Algorithm of Cooperative Sensing and Transmission Scheme in Cognitive Radio
Min Jia, Xin Liu, Xue-Mai Gu and Xue-Zhi Tan

In order to make cognitive radio (CR) network obtain the maximal aggregate throughput, a joint optimization algorithm of cooperative spectrum sensing and data transmission for a two-user CR network is firstly proposed. In this algorithm, the CR node with high signal noise ratio (SNR) relays its sensing information to the CR node with low SNR in order to improve the performance of cooperative sensing, while the CR node with low SNR helps the CR node with high SNR transmit data in order to improve the throughput of cooperative transmission. The sensing pairing protocol is also proposed to improve the throughput of the multiuser CR network through selecting multiple cooperative pairs. The simulation results show that the optimal power allocation scheme for maximizing the aggregate throughput is achievable, and compared with the traditional algorithm, the proposed algorithm can make the throughput of CR furthest improve 0.2bps/Hz.

Keywords: Cognitive radio; spectrum sensing; energy detection; cooperative transmission; joint optimization; throughput

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