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Throughput Optimization in Wireless Mesh Networks Using Zero-Sum Game
Yanwei Wu, Jizhong Zhao and Xiang-Yang Li

With the technology development, more and more transactions or activities are conducted via networks. Along with electronic technology penetrating every where in the world, networks need face the new problem which was not predicted when networks were firstly designed, the malicious attack. The existing malicious activity or malicious person forces to redesign a much safer network. The security problem in multihop wireless networks is more severe than that in wired networks since its transmission media is the unprotected air, which makes wireless network easier to be attacked. In this paper, we show how to increase the effective throughput via carefully choosing the multi-path routing for given source and destination nodes under attack. We model the problem as a two-player game and theoretically prove that the corresponding routing protocols can achieve an effective network throughput (with packets which are not attacked) within a constant factor of the optimum in the worst case. Our theoretic results are confirmed by extensive simulations studies.

Keywords: Wireless ad hoc networks, security, saddle policy, stochastic routing, scheduling, optimization

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