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A RSSI Localization Algorithm and Implementation for Indoor Wireless Sensor Networks
Yinfeng Wu, Ligong Li, Yongji Ren, Kefu Yi and Ning Yu

Taking the low-cost into consideration, Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) technology is often used in positioning system. This paper proposes a RSSI localization algorithm which could improve the localization accuracy, coverage and robustness. First, a training process is conducted to build the log-distance path loss model. Then we utilize Bootstrap method to construct the Feasible Solution Set (FSS) for unknown node’s coordinate. Finally the estimated coordinate of unknown node is figured out with interval analysis. Furthermore, the algorithm is applied to an indoor positioning system (IPS) developed by ourselves to evaluate its performance. The simulation results show that our algorithm achieves better accuracy, coverage and robustness than other two localization algorithms. And the experimental results show that compared with other four famous IPSs, the IPS using our localization algorithm obtain a better trade-off between accuracy and cost.

Keywords: WSNs; RSSI; localization; indoor positioning system; bootstrap; set-membership

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