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Advanced Gateway Based on FPGA for Smart Home
Yan Sun, Shaoju Tang and Hong Luo

In this paper, we design and implement an advanced FPGA-based gateway for smart home. We propose a gateway architecture termed “Heterogeneous Gateway”, which provides multiple interfaces to PSTN, GSM, CDMA, Internet, etc., to support various application scenarios. Meanwhile, in the gateway, we provide a method of quickly exchanging multimedia data via HDLC, which has the characteristics of rapidity and reliability and has been widely used in the field of data communication. In this paper, we first introduce the functions of embedded gateway. Then we analyze the overall structure of HDLC control protocol, the function of each module, and implementation principles. Based on that, we illustrate the implementation of key modules using FPGA. In order to improve the forwarding speed and the processing efficiency of HDLC chip, we design a receiving buffer to support multiple blocks reading and writing in parallel as a multi-Block FIFO. We utilize Modelsim to simulate the function of FPGA-based HDLC chip to verify reading and writing, transmitting and receiving, time slot, interrupts and other functions. Finally, we run Verilog code on an actual test board and verify all functions of the FPGA-based HDLC chip.

Keywords: Multimedia sensor networks; Smart home; Gateway; HDLC; FPGA

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