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Key Pre-distribution Scheme for WSNs
Seema Verma and Prachi

Immense development of wireless and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technologies deployed WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks) in ample of diversified applications. However, WSN acquaints us with several new sorts of difficulties associated with scarcity of resources like restricted battery, computation power etc. Moreover, WSN is extremely susceptible to numerous kinds of security attacks due to its implementation in various information sensitive areas because of which securing WSN is a leading research problem nowadays. Literature survey demonstrates that key pre-distribution schemes serve as efficient and practical solution for WSN. This paper proposes a new random key pre-distribution schemes (RKP) to emphasize on minimizing communication burden and transmission distance among the nodes. Further, to validate we simulate our scheme in MATLAB 7.0.1. For applications including several hundred of nodes, simulation results indicate almost 70% reduction in communication overhead. Also, 20% reduction in transmission distance of more than 78% links.

Keywords: Communication, key management, pre-distribution, security, wireless sensor network, transmission distance.

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