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Mobility management for IPv6-based MANETs
Xiaonan Wang and Hongbin Cheng

This paper presents a mobility management scheme for IPv6-based MANETs. In the scheme, the hierarchical architecture based on clusters is proposed and it is fully compatible with the IPv6 network architecture. Accordingly, the cluster formation algorithm is proposed and it minimizes the number of cluster heads. Based on the proposed hierarchical architecture, the hierarchical IPv6 address structure for MANETs is proposed and the corresponding IPv6 address configuration algorithm is also discussed. Based on the hierarchical architecture and the hierarchical IPv6 address structure, the mobility management scheme is presented. In the scheme, a mobile node can ensure the communication continuity and accuracy without a care-of address during the mobility process, so the control message overhead is reduced and the packet delivery ratio is increased. The paper analyzed the performance of the proposed scheme, and the comparative results show that the proposed scheme effectively reduces the number of mobility handovers, and decreases the control message overhead and improves the packet delivery ratio.

Keywords: Mobile Ad hoc network, mobility handover, IPv6 network, cluster, cluster head

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