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Event-oriented Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ying Guo, Feng Hong and Zhongwen Guo

Data aggregation is a crucial technique for energy constrained sensor networks. Previous researches on data aggregation are featured as query-oriented, which only provide partial information of the event happened in the deployment area at the base station. In this paper, we propose an event-oriented data aggregation approach, called EDA. EDA presents the distributed algorithm by exploiting Cloud Membership model of fuzzy logic to aggregate the information of events in the sensor networks. It also presents a distributed algorithm to collect and aggregate the event information. The base station will restore the whole event information when receiving the aggregated packets of event features. EDA can balance the tradeoff between delay, traffic savings, and precision of the restored events. The performance has been evaluated through both theoretical analysis and simulations. We also confirm the performance with the traces of our offshore sensor network testbed (OceanSense).

Keywords: Event-oriented; data aggregation; cloud membership model; wireless sensor network

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