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Distributed Compressed Sensing in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
Hao Yang, Liusheng Huang and Hongli Xu

To improve environment monitoring in VANET, Compressed Sensing as a novel and effective signal transforming technology is a suitable tool in the process of gathering data and transmitting information. In traditional CS, comprehensive data collection is a prerequisite for sensing environments fully. However, it is difficult to obtain well-round information due to the lack of monitoring infrastructures and realize precise structures of variable signals in real situations. In this paper, two effective hybrid compressive matrices HCMs based on distributed compressed sensing (DCS) is proposed for the exponential distribution and the Passion distribution. Actual experiments show that signals could be obtained stably when sampling in a certain space and time, and reconstructed accurately.

Keywords: Environment monitoring; vehicular Ad-hoc network; compressed sensing; distributed compressed sensing

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