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A Cluster Head Selection Framework in Wireless Sensor Networks Considering Trust and Residual Energy
Ma Su-Qin, Guo Yu-Cui, Lei Min, Yang Yu and Cheng Ming-Zhi

In wireless sensor networks which are introduced to various applications, clustering provides a promising solution for communications due to its inherent energy efficiency and suitability for highly scalable networks. Most head selection mechanisms proposed in literature cannot balance energy and security very well to our knowledge, and a novel framework for trust-based cluster head selection is introduced in this paper to deal with this problem. Both credibility and energy of node are considered in selection process in the framework proposed here. First trust values of each node are calculated based on the interaction history, then the evaluate cloud is defined and generated based on the trust values and residual energy using cloud theory. Finally, cluster head are generated by comparing the evaluate cloud of each node in the cluster. A preliminary simulation has been performed and results show that the framework can both reduce the likelihood of un-trust nodes being selected as cluster head and improve energy efficiency.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, cluster head, trust, energy, evaluate cloud

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