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Localization Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on “Shortcut” Constraint
Nan Jiang, Xiang Xiao and Lingfeng Liu

Adding a few shortcuts to a wireless sensor network can construct a small-world network, which not only reduces the average energy expenditure per sensor node, but also the non-uniformity energy expenditure across the nodes. Localization still is a fundamental and essential issue for the small-world networks. This paper presents a localization algorithm of wireless sensor networks under a shortcut constraint. By constraining the lengths, quantity and directions of the shortcuts, the inconsistency between the small-world network and localization precision can be solved. Analysis, simulation and experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm can decrease the working nodes, guarantee the sparseness of the network topology and improve the estimation accuracy of the node locations.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, localization, small-world network, shortcut.

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