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uLeepp: An Ultra-Lightweight Energy-Efficient and Privacy-Protected Scheme for Pervasive and Mobile WBSN-Cloud Communications
Wei Ren

Data stemming from wireless body sensor network (WBSN) are usually uploaded to cloud servers by smartphone periodically. As the cloud servers are always untrustworthy, the privacy of uploading data should be protected. The straightforward way is relying available encryption algorithms, but it poses a dilemma: the encryption of uploading data invokes remarkable overhead of energy consumption since the interval of data encryption may be short; smartphones usually have energy constraints. Hence, it is of utmost importance to maintain the energy efficiency of encryption operations. To this end, we propose a scheme called uLeepp that is an ultra-lightweight energy-efficient andprivacy-protected scheme by only relying on data permutation. It consists of a One-Time Permutation (OTP) scheme and three enhancement policies such as (α1, α2) Randomly Adaptive Median Selection Algorithm, Energy-aware Adaptive β-permutation Generation Algorithm, and Uploading Data Compression. We prove that the security and performance of uLeepp is optimal atop of our observations formally and extensively, and the analysis is justified again by numerical results.

Keywords: Lightweight; privacy; energy efficiency; eHealth

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