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Minimizing the Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
Abderrahmane Baadache and Redha Adouane

Wireless sensor networks are used in several industrial and scientific applications to monitor and control physical phenomena. Sensors are powered by a low energy source and deployed in an inaccessible environment, which makes the energy a critical resource. In this paper, we propose OPMAC, aMAC protocol for minimizing the energy consumption in sensor networks. OPMAC aims to minimize energy consumption due to the overhearing, the frequent transitions sleep/activity, the idle listening, the overmitting and collisions. Compared to S-MAC and T-MAC in terms of consumed energy, OPMAC minimizes more the energy consumption and extends further the network lifetime. Simulation results show that OPMAC is more suitable for relatively loaded networks.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, energy consumption, MAC protocol, SMAC, T-MAC

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