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An Energy-Efficient and Scalable Routing Protocol for Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks
Kyung Tae Kim and Hee Yong Youn

Wireless sensor network (WSN) consisting of a large number of small sensors can efficiently gather information in a variety of environment. Since sensor nodes operate on batteries, energy efficiency is a key issue in designing WSN. In this paper we propose an energy-efficient and scalable routing protocol for WSNs. Here an analytical model which decides the number of clusters is proposed, allowing maximum energy efficiency for two different locations of base station, center and outside of the sensing area. A novel cluster-head selection technique is also employed which considers the nodes’ residual energy and the number of adjacent nodes. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed protocol significantly reduces energy consumption and increases the lifetime compared to the existing protocols.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Clustering, Energy efficiency, Data gathering, Network lifetime, Routing protocol.

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