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Optimal QoS Guaranteed Sensors Service Selection in Sensor Grid
Li Chunlin and Li LaYuan

By combining the complementary strengths of sensor networks and grid computing, sensor grids can provide various services that require realtime information from the physical environment and vast amount of computational and storage resources. Different sensor services may be owed by different organizations, so it is quite reasonable to address the selfish problems among several sensor service providers. The paper is targeted to solve this problem. This paper studies sensors cooperation in sensor grid. We formalize sensors cooperation using optimization based approach, which can be distributed by sensor service application QoS optimization and sensor service provider optimization. The paper presents the market based sensors cooperation algorithm in the sensor grid. The paper discusses implementation issues of sensor service cooperation negotiation. A camera sharing application scenario is presented to illustrate how to exploit services of sensor service provider for supporting the sensor grid user requirement. The simulations are conducted to compare the proposed algorithm with other resource allocation algorithms for sensor grid.

Keywords: Sensor grid, service cooperation, sensor service.

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