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DCIL: Devices Collaboration Indoor Localization with Soft AP
Yaodong Huang, Ruijin Wang, Zhiyuan Xu, Dajiang Chen and Higuang Qin

Indoor localization is of great value in a large number of scenarios. With the constraints of indoor environment, traditional outdoor localization schemes are unable to be directly used. Most of works use anchor devices to localize target nodes by using the information from TOA, AOA or RSS indicator. However, these schemes are easily interfered by the anchors’ deployment and the environment settings. In this study, we investigate the influence of devices collaboration scheme on localization accuracy. On this basis, we design a new devices collaboration scheme using RSSI and Soft AP technology, called DCIL, to obtain devices’ location accurately. We test our scheme in an indoor environment with 53 m*12 m range by an automatic localization process. The experiment shows that DCIL achieves higher localization accuracy and lower energy consumption in indoor environment.

Keywords: Indoor localization, RSSI, devices collaboration, soft AP, mobile devices, localization modification.

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