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A Scalable Authentication Protocol with Classified Protection in RFID-based Systems
Xueping Ren, Ming Jiang, Ting Wu, Xianghua Xu and Yinglong Ge

Security and privacy are the key problems in RFID systems. Due to vast highly sensitive business information within RFID-based supply chain management system, there is an urgent need for a secure and effective protocol to ensure the interests of various participants. In this paper, we first analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the existing classified protection solutions, and then propose a scalable authentication protocol (SAAP) to provide classified protection. SAAP is synthetically analyzed in three aspects: logic, security and performance. GNY logic formal approach is used to verify the design correctness of the protocol. The security analysis is performed via the attack model. Such analysis indicates that the protocol has an ability to resist both internal and external attacks. The performance is evaluated and compared with other related protocols in three aspects: communication overload, storage and computation requirement. The analysis shows that SAAP needs less memory and computation requirement with acceptable communication overload. The conclusion indicates that SAAP is reliable and more scalable in RFID systems.

Keywords: RFID security, authentication protocol, scalable, GNY logic, classified protection.

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