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Detecting Intruders by Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohammad J. Abdel-Rahman, Dima Abu-Aysheh, Ahmad I. Abu-El-Haija, Rasheed J. Abu-Aysheh and Hazem M. Al-Najjar

We consider the problem of detecting intruders using a mobile wireless sensor network (WSN). The intruders have higher sensing ranges and speeds than the sensors. We consider the WSN to be confined to a certain area. Proposed algorithms have shorter detection time and use less energy than other techniques known in existing literature. The new algorithms use the divide-and-conquer principle to reduce the maximum time required to detect an intruder. Moreover, we use pseudo-quorum methodology to exchange sensor locations and any collected information from surveillance field. This allows investigating distributed networks without the need for an infrastructure topology. Furthermore, we propose a simple coordination framework among the targets to allow them achieve better results as compared with the case of independent targets. Discrete event simulators are developed specifically for this research, and these used to study the different scenarios and parameters of sensor network and intruders, and also to measure the performance of the networks in detecting the intruder(s).

Keywords: Energy efficiency, intelligent robots, mobile sensors, quorum systems, target detection, wireless sensor networks.

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