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A Grid-based QoS-aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Wang Jun and Gu Wei

The design of QoS routing protocol for WSNs is a very challenge work since we must find the tradeoff between energy efficiency and QoS consideration. Opportunistic routing is a novel technology which can effectively improve the reliability of data transmission in wireless sensor network. Based on the opportunistic routing and virtual grid, we propose a GQOR (Grid-based QoS-aware Opportunistic Routing) protocol for wireless sensor network to provide Quality of Service. GQOR protocol first uses the nodes’ location information to divide the network into virtual grid, and then maps the end-to-end QoS requirement to the routing set-up procedure. By introducing the congestion detection mechanism into the routing protocol, we can further improve the performance of the protocol. The simulation results and the theoretical analysis results show that compared with the traditional QoS routing protocols, the GQOR protocol can significantly improve the reliability, extend the lifetime of the network at low cost of delay.

Keyword: Wireless sensor networks; opportunistic routing; virtual grid; QoS; congestion detection; reliability

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