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A Scheme of Ad-hoc-Based D2D Communication in Cellular Networks
Haipeng Yao, Zhian Yang, Hao Jiang and Li Ma

Device-to-Device (D2D) communication is a novel communication technology which has been confirmed in ad hoc networks as a new direction. It allows mobile terminals communicate with each other directly by using the licensed frequency resources under the control of cellular networks. This paper first conducts an empirical study based on usage detail records in a city of China to evaluate the probability of D2D communication in different scenarios. Based on the results, to improve the probability of D2D communication, a scheme of ad-hoc based D2D communication is proposed by incorporating the Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN), since DTN enables communication in sparse mobile ad-hoc networks. Simulation results show that the ad-hoc-based D2D communication can greatly increase the connection ratio of user pairs.

Keywords: Device-to-device (D2D) communication, ad hoc, delay tolerant network (DTN), data forwarding, cellular networks, data analysis.

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