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Secure Data Aggregation for Top-k Queries in Tiered Wireless Sensor Networks
Junbin Liang, Chan Jiang, Xingpo Ma, Gaocai Wang and Xiaoyan Kui

Secure data aggregation is essential to assure the authenticity and completeness of query results for top-k queries in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) deployed in hostile environments. Although many secure data aggregation schemes have been proposed, they are not suitable for top-k queries. In this paper, we first propose a secure data aggregation scheme for top-k queries named VSTOK. VSTOK supports in-network data aggregation, and can detect forged or incomplete query results in deterministic manner by establishing relationships among data items using their orders. To improve the efficiency of data aggregation for top-k queries, we further propose a novel algorithm to construct an efficient data aggregation tree and a top-k query processing scheme based on the constructed tree. The security of the proposed algorithms is theoretically analyzed. Simulation results show that, compared with state-of- the-art solutions, the proposed scheme achieves higher efficiency and security.

Keywords: Tiered sensor networks; query-driven; data aggregation; top-k query; authenticity; completeness

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