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Pressure Sensor Based Reliable (PSBR) Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Moeenuddin Tariq, Muhammad Shafie Abd Latiff, Muhammad Ayaz, Yahaya Coulibaly and Abdul Wahid

Wireless link quality varies significantly in underwater networks due to the presence of environmental factors such as multipath effect, attenuation, temperature salinity and node mobility etc. Shortest path or shortest hop based underwater routing protocols often choose capricious links and hence exhibit inefficient performance. Moreover, selection of a reliable link or providing quality of service (Qos) without estimating the quality of link is a hectic task. In this article, we propose a pressure sensor based reliable (PSBR) routing protocol. PSBR is a sender based protocol that benefits from various metrics provided by FLQE link quality estimator along with depth distance and residual energy to select a single reliable node for data forwarding. Our simulation analysis show that PSBR combined with FLQE estimator outperforms DBR, EEDBR and its own variant PSBR-ETX over various performance metrics. Furthermore, PSBR-FLQE can achieve data rate of 96% in the dense network.

Keywords: Routing protocol, link quality, asymmetric links, packet delivery ratio, acoustic medium, propagation delay.

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