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Air Quality Monitoring Using a LEACH-based Data Aggregation Technique in Wireless Sensor Network
Hanady M. Abdulsalam, Bader A. Ali and Anwar Alyatama

Wireless Sensor networks (WSN) form an active research area mainly due to the potential of their applications such as agriculture, health, environmental monitoring, habitat monitoring, battlefield surveillance, wildfire detection and office automation. Air pollution monitoring is one important application in the area of WSNs under the area of environmental monitoring, since air pollution has a great impact on human health. We consider the problem of data aggregation in WSNs for air pollution applications.We aim to develop an effective aggregation technique that is suitable for air pollution environment since we consider few main meteorological conditions that affect the air quality, such as wind speed and atmospheric turbulence. We base our solution on a well known data aggregation technique for wireless sensor networks, LEACH. Experimental results show the effectiveness of our solution in extending the network lifetime, while effectively monitoring air quality.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, data aggregation, data streams, air quality monitoring, air pollution monitoring, LEACH

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